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•Diversity Training in South Africa
•Celebrating Humanity interventions

•Workplace programmes
• Primer in-house pre process.
• Diversity shows.

•Interactive Facilitated Programmes
• Diversity Management.
• Team Building.
• Team Conflict Resolution.

•In-house diversity Interventions
• Diversity Shows
• Diversity displays.
• Competitions.
• Food, Music, Language, Traditions.

• Follow-up programmes
• Support and Backup.
• Regular In-house meetings to maintain professional and unified teams.
• The prize-driven Primer is an economical in-house diversity training process - which involves team members open up diversity communication & learning.
•Programmes and Follow-up Processes
• Facilitated sessions and in-house processes maintain the momentum, the understanding and effect of initial interventions. Ongoing email and telephonic support. Coaching upon request.

•Departmental Celebrating Humanity Champions
• Volunteers per department and division-lead programmes to ensure long term learning and diversity experiences.

•Interdepartmental Celebrating Humanity Competitions Diversity Experiences include plays, cultural days – food, dress, traditions, religions, holidays, exhibitions.

•Divisional/ Company Celebrating Humanity Shows/ Year end Functions Celebrating Humanity International – working with Departmental Celebrating Humanity Champions, setup a venue in all of the cultures and traditions of the team members, client and suppliers.

•Includes music, dance & buffet with foods of all diversities.
Namdeb Diamond Mining Corporation’s General Manager - Chris Sivertsen

“Arthie and Brian and their whole team really live their message; they truly walk the talk.

And the message “At the level of Respect, all People are Equal” is such a powerful one, a message that appeals to all employees in every company.

They personally touched every person who attended their Diversity Training sessions, and this facilitated each of us to get emotionally and conceptually closer to our colleagues. ”
(2500 people trained)
Team Building
Team Conflict Resolution
Diversity Training
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Author, Speaker and Communication, Diversity Training, Team Building & Team Conflict Resolution Specialist.
"At the level of respect, ALL people are equal". Arthie and Brian V Moore - 2001
Diversity management training - a legal requirement or a business imperative. Either way - it needs to be fun, positive, empowering and make a lasting difference to your team, company or organisation! We will make a difference for you!
Team building is often a serious commitment of time, energy and cash. It has to have a long term effect on your people.
Transformational Team Building with Brian V Moore and his teams will ensure that your fun, effective team building is sustainable!
The differences in the way we think, act, work, speak, believe and experience the World can often be the biggest challenges to team unity.
Let us show you how to celebrate and agree your way out of conflict - whilst building professional teams
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Catch-up on Brian's latest ideas, thoughts, feedback and stories on Learning Styles, The Dream Dynasty, Diversity Training, Team Building and Team Conflict Resolution on our Celebrating Humanity Blog!
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