12 Top Lessons from our Granny Jones

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A friend asked me, at my mother’s wake on the 4th of May, 2013, what the one most important value that I learned from my mother. I told him that it was courage.

I then thought about the other lessons that she brought to us, and here they are. Please feel free to share them!

Granny Jones’ 12 top tips for living life to its fullest!Jean Moore - Mom - Family Photo Web size

In loving memory of Jean Frances Moore – 1926 – 2013 (Also affectionately known as, Granny Jones.)

1)      Be courageous. Never ever give up, no matter what the circumstances.

2)      Never stop singing and dancing – live life to the fullest!

3)      Always love yourself – because you are No.1! And don’t let anyone tell you different.

4)      Always do more than you are paid for.

5)      Always be there for your family.

6)      Have integrity – stand firm against corrupt people and companies.

7)      There is always another way. Do not be disillusioned when your path is blocked – you will find a solution.

8)      There is always time for laughter, a smile and a naughty joke!

9)      Don’t let your age be an excuse. Dye your hair and live like it is your natural colour!

10)  Energy, enthusiasm and action are all you will need to succeed.

11)  You don’t need a car, money and resources to build a great business and an excellent life. Go for it!

12)  Leave your legacy. If you have a dream, don’t wait, do it now!

Thanks tons for the memories, mom!



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