Resolving Team Conflict-Nine Steps to Constructive Resolution

These 9 traditional team conflict resolution steps, that follow, may have some real value within conflicted teams, particularly for the people directly involved. However team conflict is a team issue. Everybody is affected.
Thus everybody should participate in the healing process. This is well covered in our unique and exciting Team Conflict Resolution Strategies eBook.
Have a look at the article below, the process may just work for you.
Best wishes and good luck,
Brian V Moore

Team Conflict Resolution Book

It is extremely exciting that our new eBook on Team Conflict Resolution Strategies has now been launched in the UK.
This incredible conflict resolution book brings the works and experiences of Brian and Arthie Moore in resolving team conflict, over the past 20 years into the public domain.
Readers who use the conflict resolution skills and techniques contained therein will bring about great change within their teams.
Brian V Moore