Leadership vs Management – by Arthie Moore

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Arthie Moore

This is an beautifully conceived and written article by Arthie Moore! The next article will be under her own name!

We need a fresh perspective on a subject that seems to evolve constantly, so my take is this. The beauty of Leadership is that you do not have to know everything!

What I really love about the concept of Leadership is that we are constantly growing, learning, evolving and changing with the times. There is no set style of Leadership that appeals to any one person. As we listen to the various great minds on the subject of leadership, our own minds take it all in and we adjust our behaviours to suit the teams we decide to experiment on.

We wait, watch with bated breath and when our teams survive our onslaught of new ideas, we continue forward. You see, I believe that Leadership is all about behaviour. It is a changing of the mindset of our daily behaviours to get different results from the people around us.

With the adjusting of our behaviours, we create expectations. We create an environment that is conducive to empowering, inspiring, motivating, enlightening and kicking our teams into a higher gear to achieve a higher goal or bigger vision.

Listening to Paul Martinelli speaking at a Live Event in Florida, made a huge difference to my thinking in an instant. He said, “If you want to change what is going on outside, you must first change the inside.”

Now that is what I am talking about. A good leader will constantly change his/her mindset to get greater results by changing themselves first. The example of good leadership as always will come back to how effective he/she is personally.

Are they good communicators? Are they understanding of the ever changing circumstances, environment, diversities, setbacks and personal issues in the work environment or are they stuck. See, being stuck means that the person is merely managing how the team works and pushes them to achieve deadlines, goals and visions of the company, in the same way that it has always been done.

Leadership means that the person of Influence, inspires the team to surpass their goals with excitement and pleasure and they enjoy pushing themselves! Teams will look to their Leader for guidance, support and advice because they know that the leader is there to help them as opposed to a Manager who generally tells, instructs and manages the outcomes, whilst putting out fires.

You see, the relationship between a leader and their teams comes back down to behaviour.

  • How influential is the person?
  • Do people trust, respect and honour their leader?
  • What is the attitude of the leader or manager?
  • How open minded is the person?
  • Do they invest in their people?
  • Are they constantly evolving with the times?
  • Are they inclusive, questioning, supportive, thoughtful and clear in their communication?
  • Do they seek potential amongst their teams and develop them?

There is a huge difference between leading and managing. In order to manage your teams properly, you need to lead them to greatness. It will always come back down to leadership. Managing other people’s behaviours is energy draining. It takes time to monitor and control the way people interact with each other, constantly looking over their shoulder telling them what to do.

When you lead however, people will listen. They will take your advice, question you to get clarity because you are open minded and non-judgemental, thoughtful in your approach, have a humble yet clear way of guiding them, will inspire them with your own actions and encourage self growth because you are not afraid to acknowledge that you are human too and do not know everything. But you will not be limited either.

A good leader is always restless.

  • Looking for new ideas, new ways to grow personally and grow their team.
  • The restless energy will create a environment of excitement that there is more to come and prevent everyone from stagnating.
  • That need to motivate people is gone because the positive energy permeating the whole work space is conducive to self empowerment, self growth and self motivation.

A manager’s job – is to motivate, control and enforce a results orientated environment attached to performance management systems that is a killer to work with. A Leader will be supportive, guide their teams to becoming accountable and taking responsibility for their own results, helping to set high standards and achieve through a powerful output/achievement mentality.

There is a difference between a Positional and a Relational leader according to John Maxwell’s teachings. Now that is powerful! The insights that I personally gained from that statement really resonated with what I always believed about being a leader.

In simple terms..having a title does not make you a leader. Your ability to influence, inspire and gain respect from people around you is what makes you a leader. Your relationships with your team are a true reflection of your leadership abilities. Not your title. That is your position. What you do with that title to build the people around you, will put you leagues ahead of your counterparts.

Everyone deserves respect and to be acknowledged for their hard work that got them to that position. But your ability to influence, communicate and serve your team, will give you the staying power and effectiveness that you need to take your company to levels of greater excellence.

Innovation, flexibility, relationship building, values, respect, attitude, intentions, questioning way, communication skills and honouring the human being in each of your team members will prove you to a world class leader.

Know your people, not just about them!

  • Truly understand their own needs, dreams, wants and aspirations. Link that to your own vision.  Then work together to achieve it.
  • Be supportive.
  • Be innovative and keep up with technology and the times that are ever changing.
  • Adjust your own belief systems.
  • Empower, encourage and excite your people.
  • Ask questions and actually listen.
  • Network with your own people.
  • Celebrate all your victories.
  • Take ownership of your results and your people’s achievements.
  • Be willing to be afraid. Fear of the unknown is the biggest killer of potential.
  • Seek to find out what scotomas are holding you back from achieving greatness.

I wish you brilliance in your journey going forward, knowing that learning to lead is a lifelong process of growth. One that is hugely fulfilling to know that you have the ability to take the potential of your people and create more leaders. Knowing that your power to grow your own team is in your hands and that you never have to do it alone.

Leave a legacy of awesomeness!

Until the next time, take care and have fun!

Ms Arthie Moore




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