Brian speaks Zulu in Teambulding session

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Brian speaks to “his” ancestors in Zulu.

Being able to speak in numerous languages is a great boon in Africa. In some areas, team-building is only possible in the local languages.

When Arthie and Brian Moore work together, they greet in over 80 languages and bring the cultural influences of the local country, and Zulu, English, Afrikaans and Hindi.

This group in Machadodorp – South Africa, speak mainly IsiSwati (Swazi – Swaziland) and IsiZulu (Zulu – South Africa.)
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3 thoughts on “Brian speaks Zulu in Teambulding session

  1. Brian my friend how are you it has been a long time since we have spoken.

    We have an African group in a Ning Social network that is hosted by myself and it’s creator Michael Anthony and African American who realises that his roots are Africa.

    Michael Anthony is also friend to the Late Michael Jackson and his family and a Multi Platinum record producer.

    I know that he and I would value your input to the

    Many Regards


  2. Thanks Keith,
    We always make sure that we greet people, in their own language, wherever we find ourselves.

    It has many wonderful results, in building friendships and relationships.

    Best wishes

    Brian Moore

  3. 80 Languages Brian?

    That’s impressive! Wonderful to command any language in Africa, let alone 80, where is I believe the origin of all human nations found.

    Keith Taylor.

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