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Brian V Moore 1 9 2009

We have a choice to be condemners, confirmers or co-builders. The 1st is a destroyer, the 2nd seeks friendship by hiding truth through cowardice and the 3rd focuses on building from a platform of truth, openness and candid observation and contribution.

Most people run from the 1st and the 3rd, whilst finding comfort with the confirmers.

Seek out your co-builders, take the input and grow, phenomenally!

Brian V Moore – 30 8 2009 FB.

When we all stop classifying ourselves by colours, races, religions, nations, genders, languages and tribes and only see ourselves and others, as members of the human race, we will set ourselves and the World free of selfishness, prejudice and war.

Brian V Moore – 30 8 2009 FB.

It is our simple faculties and skills, or our ability to find another way, that set us free from mediocrity – the ability to see, hear, feel and the skills to read, write, type, drive, to walk and to talk all open us up to incredible freedom. We have so much to be grateful for.

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