Learn How to Swim – a collection of swim videos

I have wanted to teach my sons how to swim properly, for a long time.

This would have been reasonably easy before the advent of technology! However young people seem to learn more easily through videos than having to listen to their dad talking and demonstrating. Sadly over time, they have picked up some bad habits and I need help – in order to help them.

So I searched the net for instructional videos on swimming and came up with these! Enjoy!

How to Swim Freestyle Stroke by JimmyDShea – YouTube.

And here is another by Jimmy Shea.This time on how to swim breaststroke.

And some swimming drill lessons from Jimmy Shea

More on How to swim BreastStroke from GoSwim098. This focuses on improving your technique.

Teaching a child how to tread water.

Teaching a child to swim…