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Author, speaker, diversity facilitator and change agent.

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Celebrating Humanity International is the brainchild of Arthie and Brian Moore.

They are both highly knowledgeable in the fields of project management, communication, culture, tradition, religions, relationships, behaviour, learning & personality styles and language through experience and dedicated study.

People and organisations looking to grow teams, build unity and professionalism and business focus will benefit tremendously, through their programmes, and those of their associates.

Human development offering are approached, with client needs in mind and are uniquely unifying through their Exhilarating Learning Methodologies.
Corporate and Government

  • Project Management of events, conferences, training and mainstream projects.
  • Diversity Consulting
  • Team Conflict Resolution
  • Transformational Team Building
  • Celebrating Humanity Diversity Programmes
  • Communication & Relationship Building – Personal, Electronic, Diversity
  • Leadership Development

Diversity Events/ Conferences

  • Small or large scale – focused on uniting, informing, motivating and delighting diverse teams.


  • Diversity Coaching and Consulting for International Clients
  • South African Diversity Management Training.
  • Dealing successfully in business with the Chinese.

Public Sessions

  • Motivation for alienated South Africans.
  • Abundance and Prosperity Consciousness” Re-invention and Action plans for those who are out of the financial cycle.
  • Communication in South Africa


Relationship Coaching – with a focus on Diversity.

Training Project  Creation and Management

Personal Development

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) for:-

  • Health, emotions, physical, allergies, phobias
  • Abundance & Prosperity Consciousness

Business Development Services

  • Facilitation
  • Consulting
  • Speaking
  • MC – utilizing motivation or diversity/ language skills
  • Diversity Assessments

Request a Team Building, Diversity Training
or Team Conflict Resolution proposal –
on http://www.celebrating-humanity-projects.com
or email: brian@africa-dreams.com
or call +27 79 643 4457

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