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The Fun Controlling Personality.

If you are the kind of person who loves fun, and is always looking for ways to make people laugh – you need to be careful. Whilst fun people are essential, to any organisation, some of their other habits can be quite destructive.

There are two basic types of fun controlling personalities:-

1)      Leads by making work fun. People are motivated and rally to their call. They joke with their team.

2)      Controls the fun and can often be far less fun than he/ she believe. They often belittle people to get their laughs and are bullies.

In our team conflict resolution workshops we often find people who have individual challenges with each other. In a recent team building some delegates spoke of challenges with “groups” of people.

When we tracked this back, we found out the 2nd type of controlling fun personality was the foundation for this challenge. He is the type who jokes at other people and, in so doing, draws in a group. Which group also laugh at their victim of the day.

We then have a “cool kids vs nerds” scenario. And essentially it is blatant bullying. The person who starts it all feels great, he has his fawning audience, who laugh at every inane thing that he says. He feels appreciated and has no idea how he is hurting the target of his abuse.

Other possible challenges for a person with this personality type:-

1)      They generally cannot take guidance or criticism – and will complain at length to others when brought into line.

2)      They can over-control and force people to have fun in the way they like to do so.

3)      If work is not fun they can be very negative.

4)      They do not like conflict – as it is not fun. Yet they are often the cause of the conflict.

5)      Once they have a good joke, they try and tell it to as many people as possible. They often catch the same victims over and over again.

6)      They do not like to be embarrassed.

They often try and joke their way out of serious situations. Thus they do not face up to problems and are seen as unreliable.

The positives

1)      They can make excellent leaders who motivate and inspire and always make sure that work and life are enjoyable – for their team.

2)      They love fun and can normally put together great events.

3)      They can be fearless when seeking fun. Often they will be the first on the dance floor. Bungee jumping, cliff swinging and parachuting suit them perfectly.

4)      They can be that spark that brings laughter to otherwise intense projects.

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