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Diversity Logo 2 2014We are setting up a new diversity training and team conflict resolution website – please can you read through the blurb below and let us know what you think. (The “gossip” is in South African slang.)

Would you attend?

What? Diversity Training that is fun, exciting and life-changing? Of course! If you choose the Celebrating Humanity way!

OK. So, you have some people challenges at the office – or the HR manager says that you have to have diversity training!

Begrudgingly, you start to search the internet – and your people get wind of it.

The rumours and the gossip are running up and down the corridors. “Psst – They say that we are going to have to hold hands and hug each other.”, “I hear that it is an old apologise-for-the-blerry-past session.”, “No, seriyis broer, you are in deep trouble.”, “Ja, no, well fine – le them just try!” We sisi – just you wait wena – they are going to fix you!”

They are simply not happy and say they will not attend! Scary stuff.

And then you get really lucky! You find us. And you can see immediately that these Diversity Trainers are really different! Note to GM “This could just be the best team build our diverse team has EVER experienced!”

Yes! You had better buckle your seatbelts – because this is no ordinary diversity ride!

Be careful to enjoy yourself!  You may just crack your face with laughter as you zip away stress, build respect, understanding and remove conflict – in this wonderfully exciting team building atmosphere!

Questions that everybody asks!

  1. Will it be more blah, blah blah? – Nope! NOT here! Now if you are looking for the more mundane – often boring – chalk-and-talk death by PowerPoint, SAQA accredited sessions you are definitely in the wrong place. This is not for you!
  2. If you seriously want to hug and apologise for the past you will need to find another supplier. We deal with how we can respect and understand each other in order to build a future together, today!
  3. If you want some groups to be punished and others to be praised – keep on surfing the web! We cannot help!

You are in the right place – if you are looking for a team that:

  1. Wants to have fun and make a difference in the world!
  2. Knows each other – on a deep level.
  3. Feels respected and are respectful.
  4. Works as a powerful and united – diverse team.
  5. Knows, respects and understands the many diversities in the workplace and society.
  6. Knows how to communicate and build relationships – at a family, team and customer level.
  7. Understands that we build each other and for each other.
  8. Is clear of their past challenges and are committed to a future – in your organisation.
  9. Is responsible and accountable.

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