Diversity – the culture, religion and colour dance.

When people talk of diversity – a few delighted horticulturists begin to think happily of a wide variety of biological species.Most people begin to think of people differences. Some will become almost hysterical, screaming, “Brainwashing!” Others will take up their banners and flags and begin a verbal war dance. They will fight “their” cause and dance with power, anger and rightness. And sadly most of them will be stuck in culture, religion and colour.

Throughout history mankind has chosen to define everything, so that they can group and “understand.” So we have words to define white and black people. And when they happen to mix words such as mulattos, quadroons and octaroons were created.

Followers of the religions were divided into religion, race and sect.

And still the dividers tried to define and they threw in all the other possibilities into their people definitions and then proceeded to categorize these “groups” and their “behaviours.” Just so that we could understand “them.”

This incredible focus on race, colour and religious categorization is unnecessary and instead of bringing understanding – serves to separate people before they have a chance to learn from each other.

When we move into a state of openness and understand that there is only one race – the human race, we will then begin to respect at the level of the human being. This is the emotional intelligence stage that will bring an end to war and separateness. Or to borrow and modify a term from South Africa’s history – Apart Hate will end.

Diversity has much more to it, individual uniqueness, personalities, communication and learning styles, talents, abilities, education, age, gender, health, wealth, spirituality, history, country, employment, skills, upbringing etc. Add to those the wonders of our cultures, traditions, beliefs and experience and we have much to teach each other and to celebrate!

Let’s stop our vision impeding focus on Diversity through the culture, religion and colour dance. And begin the learning from the Human Wikipedia that surrounds us every day.

Brian V Moore
3 5 2011

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