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We have just returned to Johannesburg from an incredible break and a wonderful teambuilding session, with C&S Audio – in Cape Town.

Cape Town – South Africa – is an incredible place and our teambuild was facilItated in the quaint Train Lodge conference centre. If you visit Cape town, this must be one of the most incredible places to stay. you can dine on a train coach and sleep in one of the stationery train coach rooms.

Our team of Arthie Moore, Suraj Haripersad and myself, were delighted to spend time with this incredible team. Lead by Donald and Liezl Clark – this extra-ordinary group of bright young people – really got into the teambuild – in a huge way! And we are truly grateful that they selected us, as their teambuilding provider!

Our team is incredibly professional and they know exactly what to do, and when. And their work was made far easier by our amazing client. Here is a video of another teambuild…

AND here is the feedback from Liezl Clark of C&S Audio:-

Building your team

As employers and business owners, we are all faced with the problem of motivating and building our teams. I would like to share our personal journey and experience with you.

As I write this the sound of the vuvuzela and our team’s new found slogan still resound in my ears…
Imphilo Enhle!! Yes, life is indeed beautiful.

The C&S team was transformed over the past weekend. From a diverse team divided down lines of race, language, religion, job title and background we have gone to a team of human beings with a common goal and new values founded in respect.

You may call this a miracle, but it is incredible what can be achieved when you work from a foundation of “at the level of respect all people are equal”.

Fellow BW Brian Moore and his wife Arthie of Mthimkhulu International took our team through an amazing rollercoaster of a weekend.
Not only did we learn more about ourselves, our other team members, the ways we learn and communicate and our different personalities but we had FUN!!

Never would I have imagined our team dancing the Macarena in unison on a cold Sunday morning on a converted train platform in Cape Town!

I would recommend Mthimkhulu International and this experience to all businesses and teams without hesitation.

Brian and his team were absolutely wonderful. They have a way of relating to people on the level they can understand and feel comfortable with and help you to stretch further than you ever imagined possible while still feeling safe and respected.

Under their guidance past issues were cleared and a way forward was mapped out.

This past weekend a new unified team was born.
Viva C&S Viva! Imphilo Enhle! Yes, Life is Beautiful!

(Impilo Enhle means beautiful life in IsiXhosa – the mother tongue of Nobel Laureates Nelson Mandela and Archbishop Desmond Tutu.)

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