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The Dream Dynasty – Focusing on the Dream in Education
Aims of the Dream Dynasty

  1. To build highly-prepared, well-supported, values-based and mentored dream-focused school leavers – who know what they want from life and know how to get it.
  2. To create a safe and empowering learning environment in which learners, educators, support team and parents can grow and develop.
    Dream Dynasty
    Centenary Secondary School

The Dream Dynasty commences on the 26th/ 27th at Centenary Secondary School, Overport, Durban, KZN, South Africa. Funding and support is urgently required to ensure the ongoing effectiveness of this project.Request a funding proposal email.

Centenary Secondary School is an inner city school serving generally low-income areas. The teachers and learners come from historically disadvantaged histories and/ or families. The challenges facing them are listed in our Dream Dynasty Document. The potential is highlighted by Avenesh Moodley who last year – against all the odds – achieved 5 distinctions in matric. (

There are 1124 learners and 55 staff who will be positively impacted through the programme. This will reach into the community and the lives of parents, caregivers, siblings and other relatives. We ultimately expect to impact close to 10 000 people in the area. The chances are that without any intervention – most pupils leaving this school will be unemployed, under-employed or find employment in low level labourer positions.

The initial focus is to unite the educator body and their support team – through a team unity programme. They will also go through a similar dream-focused  programme. We will then help them to source a provider and funding, put in place an easily workable strategic plan.  The plan is to then support them over the ensuing year – finishing with a follow up team building in 2013.

Community and parent meetings will be held in the first year to bring the community, local business, corporate and government up to date on the process and involve all role-players.

Our only sponsor at present is Celebrating Humanity International, a small and highly effective diversity training, team building and team conflict resolution company.  They are contributing over R200 000, in terms of people power, expertise and their time – their main role will be to train, team build, project manage and catalyse the process.

We are rolling out the programme in different stages, the next of which focuses on the pupils, parents and volunteers, where we build motivation and the concept of the dream, their dreams and find people to build and skill them up in the dream areas in which interest is shown. This will include dream circles, values and principles, business skills, social skills, understanding and working with diversity. 1st stage Budgets, and more detail on the Dream Dynasty are included below:-

Our appeal is for funding and donations for school and class-room resources, speakers travel and accommodation, printing, websites, social media marketing, business plans, teacher exchange programmes, night school for parents and the community amongst other things. We are also inviting funders and volunteers to work in the various areas of the project. The potential to learn and grow are tremendous as is the ability to make a long-term difference in the lives of the pupils, teachers and people in the area. We foresee the programme being facilitated province and countrywide.

Funders are urged to look into their corporate social budgets and see where and how they can assist us in transforming the lives of these youngsters, teachers and their communities.

This pilot programme – will develop a way forward for education in South Africa, Africa and possibly the World.

Challenges for learners, without dreams.
  1. School is often something learners just have to do.
  2. Average or below average performance.
  3. They are focused on a “pass.” Anything above a failure will do just fine!
  4. They have low morale; little enthusiasm and commitment.
  5. Absenteeism, disrespect, bad attitudes are the norm.
  6. There is excessive bullying/ vandalism.
  7. Bored learners become fun seekers – often leading to chemical abuse, vandalism and mischief.Resultant challenges for these school leavers.
  1. They have no focus or direction.
  2. They will study anything that comes up. Whatever will keep their parents from complaining.
  3. Have no idea of what they want when job seeking, “Give me a job – any job.”
  4. Find themselves in dead-end jobs. (Something they just have to do, for money.)
  5. They become bored, demoralised and quarrelsome.
  6. The natural joy of life, power and creativity, that many of these young people have – becomes crushed.
10 steps towards creating a Dynasty of Dreamers and success stories
  1. Get buy-in at all levels, starting with the Principal, teachers, the relevant Education authorities and roleplayers. Create the structure.
  2. Re-focus all role-players on the Dream.
  3. Involve Educators and support team.
  4. Involve Learners and Parents.
  5. Create a safe, professional, respectful, caring and nurturing learning environment.
  6. Build skills, values, trust and self esteem of role players.
  7. Build their dreams supported by Dream Circles, sponsors, and voluntary mentors.
  8. Maintain the Dream focus.
  9. Monitor, assess, guide and motivate.
  10. Bring back successful dreamers to share with the new dreamers.

Focusing on the Dream
When we focus on the dreams we focus, an amazing and positive energy of everyone, on the futures of learners (Dreams Weavers), parents (Dream Guardians), teachers (Dream Keepers), support staff and the Principal (Dean of Dreams.)

Our principle focus is on the learners, yet as we go along suddenly people who had fallen into day-to-day survival or success – realize that they too have opportunities and they too have dreams and desires.

Dedicated Dream Circles.

Dream Dynasty Dream Circles

Dream Dynasty – Building the future of our youth.

Through the Dream Circles they interact with people with common ideas and purpose, they are mentored by teachers, selected parents, local business people, sports people, community members and government officials. They form shared study groups focusing on their mutual dreams, discoveries and ideas. Past learners, successful business people, sports people and public figures are invited to share their start and how they attained success.

A safe, nurturing environment

In order to succeed, the dreamers need a nurturing environment which:- removes bullying and stress; shows possibility, builds confidence and self esteem; build generations of happy, professional and successful people who live their dreams and values.

     Dream Dynasty Values Circle

The Dream Dynasty Values Circle is a peer created and peer managed values structure which allows all role-players to build the environment required. This is the protection system for the learners and educators alike.

Equipping the role-players with skills.

It is of utmost importance to equip learners and teachers, with new and relevant skills – thereby enhancing their long-term ability to learn and share. Thus creating a strong ability to dream and envision great possibilities and focuses.

The sooner learners have control over their future, through understanding, skills, ability and their own behaviour management agreement – the sooner they see their own value and become self motivated.

Thus teaching them easy-to-learn relationship, learning skills, negotiation skills the better for them, in the pursuit of their dreams. The motivation of their teachers and their parents and the future of our nation depend upon us creating a Dream Dynasty.

Together we can do it.

Contact: Ms Bhanu Haripersad
PR Executive.
+27 722 4600 86


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